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Old Fashioned Doughnut Croquembouche
Pastry chef Paola Velez's twist on a traditional croquembouche features homemade cinnamon doughnuts instead of cream puffs. The first step is to fry up a batch of the doughnut holes. They're then "glued" together with a simple caramel to form a cone-shaped tower. For the finishing touch, dip the tines of a fork into the hot caramel, and as the caramel drips from the tines, swipe the caramel back and forth over a work surface, then gather together and drape around the tower like a sash. The dessert can be assembled up to 10 hours ahead of time and placed on a table to make an impressive edible centerpiece. There will be some caramel "glue" left over; if desired, add butter and cream and turn it into a caramel sauce for ice cream.
This Holiday Season, Join the League of Cookies
When it comes to holiday cookies, think globally and you'll eat so very merrily.
Nigella Lawson Knows What You Should Serve for Dessert This Holiday Season
The cookbook author and host's festive, chocolate-topped chestnut pavlova is the kind of joyful excess we could all use this year—without that much effort.
Matcha-Butter Cookies with White Chocolate Drizzle
Matcha powder adds festive color to these crisp butter cookies from Aiko Cascio, a Japanese cooking instructor with the League of Kitchens in New York City. Cascio learned how to make these not-too-sweet matcha tea–flavored cookies from a friend who owns a bakery in Tokyo, where they are popular during the winter holiday season. Matcha powder is made from finely milled green tea leaves and imparts a slightly bitter and earthy flavor to these cookies, and melted white chocolate boosts the sweetness and gives them a festive look. Due to the high ratio of butter in the dough, it softens quickly at room temperature; chill it in between rolling and cutting for clean cuts.
Kourampiedes (Greek Christmas Cookies)
Blanched and toasted almond pieces bring a lovely crunch to these crumbly, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Greek Christmas cookies. Some versions of kourampiedes add orange zest, but League of Kitchens Greek cooking instructor Despina Economou, who shared this recipe, prefers the simple flavors of butter, sugar, almonds, and vanilla. This recipe can easily be doubled.
Tupak E-Khorma (Date and Nut Truffles)
Sesame seeds, cocoa, and coconut adorn these no-bake date truffles from Mab Abbas, an Iranian cooking instructor with the League of Kitchens in New York City. Abbas learned this recipe from one of her sisters who owns a dried fruit and nut shop and a pistachio farm in Tehran. Traditionally, dates and nuts were consumed at spiritual gatherings and celebrations—many Muslims break their fast with a date during Ramadan. These desserts showcase these important ingredients in a creative, festive way: Not overly sweet, the truffles are nicely balanced with the sweet dates, bitter tahini, and rich walnuts. They firm up after chilling but remain fairly soft to bite.

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Alfajores de Maizena (Sandwich Cookies Filled with Dulce de Leche)
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特厚两个黄油首席运营官之间的牛奶kies rolled in shredded coconut all add up to the perfect bite in these alfajores de maizena. Argentinian League of Kitchens instructor Mirta Rinaldi learned how to make these melt-in-your-mouth sandwich cookies from her mom. One of the most popular cookies in Argentina, they're found in all sizes at bakeries there and are picked up by the dozens for special occasions and celebrations year-round. Because of the generous amount of cornstarch in the dough, the cookies remain tender and soft after baking. Seek out dulce de leche repostero, which is made for pastry and baking, for this recipe; it's extra thick, with a firm body that won't squeeze out past the edges of the cookies in between bites.
Ka'ak Bi Tamer (Cinnamon-Date Paste–Filled Cookies)
Jeanette Chawki, a Lebanese cooking instructor with the League of Kitchens, over the years has developed several of her own original recipes. Her Ka'ak Bi Tamer (Cinnamon-Date Paste–Filled Cookies), flaky sweets filled with rich, nutmeg- and cinnamon-spiced date paste and topped with nigella seeds (normally found in savory goods), were inspired by a trip to her local Middle Eastern market. Be sure to let the dough rest to give the flour a chance to hydrate to prevent it from crumbling when rolling it out. These are best on the day they're made, and they're the perfect treat to have with a strong cup of Lebanese coffee.

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