Have your drink and sleep there, too.
Glenora Distillery exterior
View of Glenora Distillery at Glenville on the Ceilidh Trail.
|Credit: Wally Hayes

After touringMarble Distilling Co。's eco-friendly facility and sippingrye whiskey在去年12月的寒冷晚上,我的康吉贝克和凯莉柄在寒冷的夜晚,我很感激我不必远远进去。我离开了品尝室,走了几步,然后爬上了我的酒店房间,我睡得很好地睡在distillery

If you always make a point of stopping by the local distillery whenever you travel somewhere new, consider booking a stay at one of these hotels that combine craft spirits andcocktailswith cozy, overnight accommodations. At these distillery hotels, you can have your drink and sleep there, too.

Distillery Inn (Marble Distilling Co.)

大理石精品蒸馏酒店的五间客房享受宜人的温度 - 并且淋浴良好而热 - 感谢捕获和修复在蒸馏过程中创造的所有能源的定制,零废物系统,约18亿btus每年。(系统还允许大理石回收100%的加工水,用于制作其伏特加,威士忌和咖啡和“Gingercello”利口酒。)

In addition to showing off Marble's sustainable practices, the inn gives visitors somewhere modern and comfortable to stay while visiting Carbondale, Colorado, a tiny, artsy mountain town about 30 miles west of Aspen in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Marble Distilling Inn room interior
A room at Marble Distilling Co.'s The Distillery Inn.
|Credit: Courtesy of Marble Distilling Co.


"We have people come to us from all over the world — literally, Germany, Australia, Italy, and all over the United States, too — but when they go home and then they see our bottle on their shelf, they're like, 'I stayed at that place,'" Baker told me. "There's a connection."

The Maven and Deviation Distilling

In the early 1900s, Denver's Lower Downtown, or LoDo, neighborhood was home to the Windsor Dairy, which delivered milk to thousands of the city's residents. Today, the site has been transformed intoDairy Block,一个带商店,餐馆,酒吧,服务提供商和一个Coworking Space的活泼的微区。

Dairy Block is also home toDeviation Distilling, which makes culinary-inspired gins and specialty coffee whiskeys, andThe Maven, a seven-story boutique hotel. After downing a few gin and tonics made with Deviation's mountain herb, spice trade, or citrus rosé gins, visitors can tuck in for the night in one of The Maven's 172 loft-style guest rooms.


位于加利福尼亚州圣路易斯奥巴斯波市中心的Breezy街道上的休息20世纪20年代楼的建筑内,酒店塞罗has 65 guest rooms and suites, a rooftop pool with views of the surrounding Nine Sisters mountain peaks, an edible garden, a spa, a bakery, an on-site restaurant, and a distillery with a custom copper still.

|Credit: Brad Daane


"Hydrosols themselves contain no alcohol, so we craft creative and interesting non-alcoholic beverages that deliver deep, fragrant, and elevated flavor for those guests abstaining from alcohol," says Blake Foster, Hotel Cerro's restaurant general manager.

The Lodge at Blue Sky and High West Distillery

客人蓝天的小屋,Auberge Resorts系列in Wanship, Utah, can wander over toHigh West Distillery & Tasting Roomto sip whiskey before turning in for the night. The distillery is located on the 46-room luxury resort's grounds, nestled among the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains outside of Park City, Utah.

When it launched in 2006, High West became Utah's first legal distillery since 1870 (they also have a saloon in downtown Park City). In addition to trying High West's bourbon, double rye, and craft cocktails, guests can dine at The Refectory, the distillery's on-site restaurant. The resort even offers a special "High West Whisky Rubdown" spa treatment, complete with a whiskey, salt, and sage foot soak and an herbal-infused whiskey elixir.

The Cavalier Hotel

The iconic骑士酒店在弗吉尼亚海滩,最初建于1927年,在经历广泛的8500万美元的翻新后重新打开了2018年的门。Over the course of its storied history, the glamorous, seven-story building with views of the Atlantic hosted numerous celebrities and U.S. presidents, It was the site of big band performances during the Roaring '20s, and served as a U.S. Navy training facility during World War II.

Today, the updated 85-room hotel is home to three restaurants andTarnished Truth Distillery,这使得威士忌、杜松子酒、伏特加鸡尾酒罐头s, moonshine, and bourbon cream liqueur. In addition to taking distillery tours and drinking craft cocktails, guests can unwind with a special bourbon treatment at the on-site SeaHill Spa, which includes being wrapped in a bourbon-infused cream mask.

The Raleigh Room at Cavalier Hotel.

Cantilever Distillery & Hotel

灵感来自盗窃者,通过悬挂式铁路桥从加拿大走到美国,Cantilever Distillery & Hotelis located in Ranier, a historic fishing village — and popular hub for shuttling hooch to Minneapolis and Chicago during Prohibition — in far northern Minnesota on the Canadian border. (The distillery even has artwork depicting a big 1932 whiskey raid, when U.S. authorities smashed 79 barrels of contraband Canadian whisky, and locals slurped it off the frozen Rainy River.)

Visitors can take a distillery tour and sip Cantilever's bourbon, gin, vodka, and rye whiskey in the cocktail room, then rest and recharge in 31 guest rooms decorated in a warm, industrial style. The modern brick building, which is within walking distance of Rainy Lake and 10 miles from Voyageurs National Park, also has an on-site restaurant, a rooftop patio with a hot tub, and a yoga studio.

Casa Silencio

Brand new to the distillery hotel scene isCasa Silencio,它于9月在墨西哥瓦哈卡的山谷开业。Xaagá9.5英亩的精品休闲渡假店包括Mezcal El Silencio酿酒厂和由回收木材和局部土壤建造的六个高端客服(墙壁由夯土制成,古老的建筑技术称为“胶束”)。在瓦哈卡市东南部45英里的自我维持下,无垃圾财产由太阳能电池板供电,并包含水再利用和雨水采集系统,以尽量减少其环境影响。

Guests can take tours of the distillery and even participate in the mezcal production process, working alongside mezcaleros to chop and prepare agave hearts for roasting. They can also sip rare, specialty mezcals that are only available at the property.

Adrift Distillers and Adrift Hotel

灵魂恋人参观华盛顿太平洋海岸的长滩半岛可以计划睡眠Adrift Distillers,它分享了一个网站漂流酒店。酿酒厂使伏特加,多种杜松子酒,多种威士忌(包括用小麦制成的威士忌(包括一个小麦的杂草),利口酒和大黄,韦伯特,咖啡和五香蔓越莓等成分调味。

The 82-room, dog-friendly hotel has a beachy, minimalist vibe with ocean views, complimentary cruiser bikes, a heated indoor saline pool and barrel sauna, and a full-service spa. Travelers can sip spirits in the distillery's tasting room, grab a bite at the Pickled Fish Restaurant, listen to live music, and take a few bottles home as souvenirs.


Set among the expansive, wide-open spaces of southern Wyoming,Brush Creek Ranchis a 30,000-acre working cattle ranch with luxury accommodations and an on-site distillery. The ranch offers all-inclusive vacations that give visitors a taste of the American West, with activities like horseback riding, fishing, hunting, archery, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, and more.

The lodge bar at Brush Creek
The lodge bar at Brush Creek.
|Credit: Dan Ham

刷溪酿酒厂于2019年开业,以及“种子到桌”餐厅,奶油,面包店,20,000平方英尺的温室,啤酒厂,精神拱顶,30,000瓶酒酒窖等烹饪产品。亚搏电竞酿酒厂制造波旁,黑麦威士忌,伏特加和杜松子酒,也为牧场的其他地方贡献。行政糕点和面包店厨师Keisha Sanderson使用酿酒厂的捣碎来烘烤花谷面包的特殊面包;奶油霜注入了奶酪和冰淇淋,用牧场的可爱高山山羊的牛奶制成,带有空洞的波旁酒和黑麦桶。

Glenora Inn&Distillery

您无需一路旅行到欧洲体验一点苏格兰文yabo电竞投注化。相反,计划旅行Glenora Inn&Distilleryin Nova Scotia, Canada, where distillers have perfected the art of Scottish-style single-malt whisky. The distillery draws inspiration from the surrounding landscape of Cape Breton Island, which reminded Scottish immigrants arriving in the early 1800s of their homeland (the name "Nova Scotia" means "New Scotland").

Visitors have their choice of several rustic accommodations, including guest rooms with views of MacLellan's Brook (which provides the water used in Glenora's whisky) and private log chalets tucked into the surrounding tree-covered hillsides. Guests can enjoy distillery tours, tastings, and meals at the on-site restaurant and pub, which often has live music.

Casa Salles.and La Guarreña Distillery

Travelers hoping to immerse themselves in the world of tequila will love checking into one of the 25 guest rooms atCasa Salles., a boutique hotel on the grounds of La Guarreña Distillery, which makesEl Tequileñotequila. Though the tequila company has been around since 1959, the hotel is brand new — it opened in early 2020 at the site of many Salles family gatherings and celebrations over the last 60 years.

Visitors can tour the distillery, take a historical walking tour of the town of Tequila, hike to the Los Azules waterfalls, dine at the on-site restaurant, and enjoy cocktails by the pool.